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Sources Of Inspiration!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

What inspires me to just go out and start shooting photography is pretty much this - being motivated by mostly ANYTHING!

Wellington St. Toronto, Ontario

What do I mean?  I mean, I got my gear, I’ve been BLESSED to literally and physically be able to move, I have a car, so give me a nice mild or cloudy day and I’m good to go!  Yeah, I said a cloudy day, so what?  I like shooting in natural light - that’s my thing!

Really and truly, it’s the unordinary, common, simple things around me that most likely catch my eye, most of the time.  Like, if I walk or drive past a side street, and there’s like a butch of pigeons just chilling, lounging around, I’m stopping and getting at least a few dozen shots of them, if I can?  To me, it’s all about CAPTURING that specific action of a moment, rather than saying the MOMENT itself.  That action sets the whole precedent of how that image tells its story - so in a way you could say, I’m inspired by the story to come!

It's A Rush!!!

Knowing that I have the challenge of taking a shot and manifesting it into an image that you’d want to stare at, IS the adrenaline rush!  Moulding it into something you can be proud of; every angle, every position, every re-take, calling all the shots and living by your own code!  Where NOTHING is off limits and you go by your personal motto - well, mine anyway - which is......


You see, people may attempt to tell you ‘What’s What?’, but your style is YOUR OWN.  It has to be!  Whether they choose to like it or not, it’s YOURS to display!  Think about it?  Something about facing the unknown when it comes to just how far a picture - that YOU produced - can travel, I don’t know about you but the thought of that alone makes me want to shoot EVERYTHING non-stop!  A craft all your own that you can build to have a sense of what photography truly means to you, and being able to express and share that craft to anyone...........there really are no words to fully describe it!

Nathan Phillips Square. Toronto, Ontario

Whether you take a course or you're self-taught, once you get to a point where you can say ‘I DID THAT‘, makes the journey all worthwhile!  And compliments from others who in fact like your work, make the gratification that much more inspirational!

Looking toward the future in this photography game, it would be nice to reach a level where I may one day be seen as a possible INFLUENCER to a more newer school of novice photographers.  Hopefully, through my own work, I’ll be able to help shape the vision(s) of many more beginners behind the lens, which may in turn see themselves creating art that may INSPIRE other photographers after them! 

So, yeah………………I got a lot to be inspired about!

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