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The BEST Kind Of Candid Photography!

Some of the most fascinating photographs that I see are of those who appear to have NO CLUE that they're being shot at - a VERY great look!  But I often ask myself the question: ‘How Can I Be MORE Candid???'  I feel that it’s a technique that requires a great amount of skill and tact in order for an outcome to be as natural as can be.

Daddy's Little Girl. December 2020

I mean, you could always ask your subject if it’d be alright with them to get in a few shots of them , just doing their everyday thing?  But then, would it REALLY be seen as Candid……maybe?  Unless, you don’t really care that much on how you’re seen or who you affect when taking photos of people you don’t know, which may draw some awkward situations - possibly even aggressive ones - all in order to get that shot!  Hey, whatever way works for you?  Just be safe going about it!

It’s that feeling of capturing someone or something on your lens in their most unscripted element, bringing out a moment that can’t be matched.  Skating, walking, hiking, jogging, sitting, protesting, any and all activities that allow me to put in almost 0% effort, make the task at hand feel pretty much EFFORTLESS!  Not too bad for making a challenge a little bit easier!

In fact, coming up with some of the most fantastic photos can happen in some of the most unthinkable ways.  For instance, some of my best shots have come about when I let my hands angle the shot for me instead of my eye.  A good example of this is shooting the camera at Ground Level - people may watch you to see what your doing, but most of the time, they pretty much won’t care and will continue to go on their way, making the realism of the shot a lot more unrehearsed, allowing the look of individual to seem that you’re not even there?  Something interesting to try out?  Another example is what I like to call ‘Mid-Motion’, using TV Mode to get the best still shot without taking too much time to look for a preferred angle.  Now this may sound odd, but try this when someone is going through a revolving door - natural and no dragging or distortion, you’ll see!  And then there’s what I like to call the ‘Non-Traditional X-Y Axis Angle’ shot, where you have the camera in a position to where it’s angle is almost turning about, or being face up towards the sky, can add a certain attitude all its own when shooting a subject naturally (i.e. Walking up a staircase).  

The thought of a single image having the ability to tell you about itself without realising it, until AFTER the moment has passed, can definitely add to the story, journey and life of the moment, whether it be it’s best or worst action or reaction, right or wrong, the TRUTH of it is in plain sight and that truth can NEVER change!

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