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What I Would Hopefully Like You To See.

In any photo that I take, I pray that you see what I see.  Easier said than done?  THIS, is what I love the most about taking photography; it’s my duty to help PROVE the mood, the emotion and the story behind what it is that you see!  

I would NEVER want to be perceived as saying that I would want my work to be seen in a class or category all its own - that’s INSANE talk!  That’s NOT what I would want nor hope for.  I just want my photography to be seen as TRUE ART, that’s it.  How can I put it more clearly?  How about this……..edited imagery with a calibre of distinction to the HIGHEST level!  Yeah, that sounds good.

To break it down to the most basic way of showing you how I view photography, it’d be this:


What YOU see IS what’s happening.  If what you see is beautiful, uplifting, inspirational, sad, confusing - that’s just what it is, BEFORE and AFTER it was taken!

So ask yourself, what IS real?  What may be called ‘REAL’ to one, may not be seen as the same to another?  Like many other things in life, photography can also carry multiple forms of Realism to define a number of components to facilitate  a characteristic based on what the human eye may see or interpret.  But from EVERY choice, category, assumption or class, you’re left with something in the end to see, which was based on all of these factors - the FINAL product……….the reality of it all, no matter how ‘REAL’ you may call it.  It’s like I said, what YOU see IS what’s happening!

When it comes down to my work, what I want is for you to see the clarity in my purpose for any and every picture I take, so that you may know and hopefully understand how delicate a memory can and will always be, to those who cherish the elements in all of it’s splendour!  It's nice to see if others like what I do, and if they don’t that’s ok, because I’d rather someone make an attempt to understand the point of view of the angle of my lens, than to say that they like it, when really it doesn't interest them, at all?

Bottom line, if anyone asked me how I would describe my photography, I would call it, an ‘Artistic Illumination Of The TRUTH!’  Now THAT has a nice ring to it!

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